We offer Start-Up Workshops to help you take the first steps to setting up your own business. You may be young and unemployed, an ex-student, a parent who is returning to work, or someone who is older and been made redundant.You may feel you would love to be self-employed or set up your own business but don't have much idea of what you could do, or how to do it.It can be difficult to be objective about your abilities and potential to be an entrepreneur.

The workshops will help you:

  1. Examine your experience, skills and talents.
  2. Indentify your interests and possible business pathways to develop.
  3. Give you a basic business plan.
  4. Allow you to have a clear objective for the future, whether it be to seek further training before putting your business plan into action, or to seek funding.

Showing you have given serious consideration to the development of your business idea will give you far greater validity whether approaching your local bank, job centre, or initiatives like crowd funding, to help put your ideas into practice.